We are one of the four research clusters selected by Bishop's University in 2009 to implement its Strategic Research Plan. We carry out research in cosmology, the astrophysics of binary stellar systems, exoplanets, relativity, and fundamental theories of gravity.


The Physics & Astronomy Department Observes a Very Rare Celestial System. Failed Star Orbits a Dead Star Every 71 Minutes.

LIGO detects gravitational waves! In 2016, 100 years after Einstein's formulation of General Relativity, the LIGO collaboration has reported two detections of gravitational waves from binary black hole mergers. A third detection is reported in 2017.

We were proud to host the Theory Canada 8 Conference. The Canadian theoretical physics community met at Bishop's from May 23-26, 2013 to share new research results. For more information, please go the TC8 website.

Nova Sagittarii 2012#5 was discovered on July 16.512 2012 UT.

Supernova 2012DX was discovered on July 26.95 2012 UT.